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Short implants

Certified training practice of the BICON company for the SHORT IMPLANTS SYSTEM

Thanks to the international scope of his activities and his networks, Dr Thomas Müller has been selected as one of just two reference practices in Germany for the BICON implant system. We are very proud to have been awarded this distinction, in particular since the surgical details mean that this unique implant system requires a smaller volume of bone tissue for its use, a feature that fits in ideally with our minimal-invasive concept.

Thanks to the special design of the plateau of the implant, the surface area in contact with the bone is approximately 30% greater than that achieved with a screw implant of the same dimensions, thus enabling the callus formation of mature lamellar bone between the ribs of the implant. The biomechanical capacity of a plateau-design implant facilitates an optimal distribution of lateral forces, thus enabling a sufficient stability at shorter implant lengths. This in turn enhances the safety of jeopardized structures, such as nerves. The practical handling of this system requires special surgical skills, and is thus intended for use by dentists with experience in oral surgery. In the hands of an experienced dentist, this implant system represents a safe and at the same time aesthetically ideal solution, and is far superior to most implant systems currently in standard use.

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