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Overnight service

Our practice is equipped with its own modern dental laboratory. Especially regarding our focus on the area of major dental solutions, dental products of the highest possible quality are of particular importance.

Thanks to the synergistic use of our available state-of-the-art technical methods – for example CAD/ CAM, laser processing, digital profile measurements, and optimized processes by well-trained dental technicians – even the most complicated products can be made within a relatively short space of time.

Even so, in the past an overall processing time of even just a few days is too long for many patients – some of whom travel from afar –, which is why we have started our special “overnight service”.

We can offer you the following times:

  • Crowns, partial crowns, inlays – instead of one week: 24 hours
  • Bridges – instead of one to two weeks: 48 hours
  • Combined dental work (model casting, telescope attachments, precision attachments, removable dentures) – instead of two to three weeks: within three days

For this extra service we charge a surcharge of 50%.


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